Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, Animation, Rendering, Concept art.


- 3dsmax
- Vray
- Adobe Cs Master Suite
- Zbrush
- Maya (learning)



My name is Joachim. I hail from the Alsatian valley of Strasbourg, France and I currently live in Prague, Czech Republic. I grew up on a steady diet of cheese, sausages and couscous. Liberated artistically in Shanghai, I survived through Phnom Penh and I fully grew up in Hong Kong and most recently in Prague. I enjoy combing through my mound of brushes and pencils fantasizing endless possibilities. My art boils in a “méli-mélo”(mish mash) that creates a multitude of combinations where my characters and scenes are evolving. Having access to all those tools and knowledge nowadays, brings me to constantly look for a new way to express an own and unique identity for each sculpt, illustration or character I come up with. I love to share and learn with and from other artists and I secretly wish to be a vampire to suck up all the knowledge they have. But life would be less fun then. Wouldn’t it?